Dominicae Passionis Icones, 1679

Full title: Dominicae passionis icones, 1679.

The pictures of the Lord ‘s suffering are the first work that was printed at the Bogensperk workshop. The small, extremely rare booklet contains 17 copperplates with scenes of Christ’s suffering, from the Last Supper to the Crucifixion. There is no text. It was composed in the spirit of the time and out of religious belief, to inaugurate the happy start of the publishing enterprise. The drawings were made by Johannes Wiriex and the engravings by Andrej Trost. The first sheet bear s the title and the dedication to the Ljubljana Bishop, Count Jožef Rabatta. The edition represents the first known graphic cycle in Slovenia. Its artistic quality deserves the highest place in Valvasor’s publishing activities.

The graphic cabinet of the National Museum, The Archives of the Archbishopric, Ljubljana