Topographia Archiducatus Carinthiae Antiquae & Modernae Completa, 1688

Full title: Topographia Archiducatus Carinthiae antiquae & modernae completa: Das ist Vollkommene und gründliche Land – Beschreibung des berühmten Erz – Herzogthums Kärndten; Nürnberg, 1688

This is an album consisting of the frontispiece and 223 copperplates representing Carinthian towns , monasteries and castles. It resembles the album of Carniola and the text is similarly arranged. At the beginning there is a dedication in German to the Provincial Estates in Carinthia and a poem in Latin by P. Ritter Vitezovic. At the end , there are two lists in German: they cover the illustrations and the owners of the castles. The texts were printed by J. K. Mayr in Ljubljana. The frontispiece was drawn by J. Koch, the localities by Valvasor , while the engravings were made by A. Trost, M. Greischer and P. Mungerstorff.

The National and University Library