J.W.F. Valvasor – Captain of the Carniolan Provincial Estates

Written by Vasko Simoniti, 1989


First, research possibilities for historians concerning Valvasor’s The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola are outlined, and then Valvasor’s military role and his military position in the service of Carniola are presented. To elucidate his military post of Captain, the military efforts of Carniola in 1683 are dealt with in some detail, that is, at the time when Valvasor himself was directly involved in military actions. In conclusion, the author makes the following point. The Provincial Estates virtually abolished the practice of calling up provincial army units, particularly those from among the country’s subjects in Lower Carniola, for which Valvasor was responsible, except in 1683. Therefore, Valvasor’s position of Captain, which he held for at least ten years, was primarily an additional source of income that eased the burden of financial obligations imposed on him by his publishing activities.